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Vegetable tanning

The vegetal tanning of the leather is a process using extracts of fruits and vegetals. 

It is guaranteed without Chrome.


Vegetal tannings

There are a lot of minerals and vegetables to create vegetal tanning for textile or leather. 2 methods : The cold tanning known as the fermentation tanning and the bold tanning known as etching. 

These 2 methods are used in relation with the materials ; by e.g. for yellow, the extract is lemon and it has to be by fermentation. And for the red poppy, it is etching. These techniques are ancestral and environment friendly.


Vegetal paintings

The vegetal paintings are essentially composed with natural ingredients ; 

minerals, vegetal oils, water, etc.  

Guaranteed without petroleum, solvings or additives.


Water glue

The water glue is obtained with different ingredients by e.g. starch or flour. 

These glues are very resistant and non-toxic for the environment but also for the workers. They are biodegradable.