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Organic Cotton

What is Organic Cotton ? 

First of all :

The Cotton is a natural vegetal fiber from the Cotton Tree.

Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, it absorbs humidity and does not charge in static electricity.

Why Organic ?

The traditional farming of the Cotton is one of the most toxic and polluting for the environment ; pesticides, mass production, fertilizers and GMO.

Lot of farmers have decided to produce better, respecting the man and its environment, a Cotton without chemical products, fertilizers and guaranteed GMO-free.

Ok, but what does it change ? 

Using Organic Cotton is promoting a new form of quality farming, it is trying to preserve men’s health and reduce pollution, it’s better for our children and us. 



The leather is a tanned animal skin. 

The Leather is rot-proof, flexible and insoluble.



In the heart of the Andes, the Lama and the Alpaga are living at more than 4500 meters altitude. Because of the big change of temperatures from -25°C to +18°C, their fleece needs an annually shearing.

The most warm and protective fibers are as soft as Cashmere. They are manually sorted per color to obtain a range of natural colors without dyes or any chemical treatment.



The Linen is vegetal fiber. This fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It allows to maintain the body temperature, protects from cold and warm.

This plant does not need a lot of things ; some water (but not too much) and sun. It does not produce waste ! The Linen is mostly grown in Europe.



Wood is like the leather, it is natural material, only the treatments it can be submitted too can be toxic for the humans or the environment. 

The different types of wood of our products are treated and painted with non toxic products, vegetal paintings and water glues.